Since its establishment, STAICHA Consultancy has been consistently listed in the top tier consultancy firms in the region by all leading legal directories and periodicals. We work hard to earn and maintain our clients’ trust and confidence. Due to our diverse client base, we encounter a wide array of financial and tax issues. To help you make an informed comparison, here the qualities that differentiate the STAICHA Consultancy review process from other services.



Our consultant’s work under contracts that enforce the confidentiality of all client records


Professional Consultants

  • All our consultants are committed to our high standards, procedures, code of ethics and best practices. Your review will be conducted from start to finish by experienced and professional consultants who have supreme knowledge of your industry



  • 24 x 7 Internet connectivity for convenience of communication and cell phones for easy contact. Office in convenient location in heart of Kabul city


No intrusion to your office routine

  • We simply need access to your files and a small space to work in after a short meeting


Complete Reporting

  • Your company will receive a detailed of all reports and separate confidential written report reviewing sales tax exposures. All reports will clearly explain all areas of savings and will be presented in a legible, computer-generated format for easy reading


Immediate and future cost advantages

  • Our review identifies refund opportunities retroactively and the results of our review will generate savings that continue on into future years


STAICHA Consultancy provides a complete range of Tax Services including: –

Accountant & Inventory software

  • QuickBooks Multiusers
  • PH3 Multiusers
  • Installation of software
  • Trainings of Clint’s staff to software’s and financial accounting


Auditing of Companies

  • Financial auditing


Direct, Indirect Tax and Custom Services:

  • Indirect Taxes, Sales Tax
  • Custom and Excise Duties
  • Custom Incentives and Procedures

Business Tax Services:

  • Corporate and Business Tax Consulting
  • Corporate and Business Tax Compliance
  • Merger and Acquisition and Reorganization Services
  • Employment Compensation and Benefits
  • Incentives

Property/House Tax Services:

  • Assessments Reviews
  • Preparation of assessment appeals
  • Property tax administration
  • Track assets and real estate records by assessors and collectors
  • Review and approve tax statements
  • Assistance with sales and use and/or property tax fillings

 Personal Taxation Services:

  • Personal tax Consulting
  • Personal Tax Compliance
  • Work permit issues


Foreign Direct Investment Advisory Services:

  • Guidelines on Foreign Investments
  • Investment Decision
  • Licenses and Incentives

Other Services

  • Providing information to clients on law update
  • Providing information to clients on procedural matters
  • Liaison with client and department on regular basis
  • Compilation of details required for filing return
  • Calculating any taxation base on Income tax law
  • Preparation for making payment of tax
  • Maintenance of records
  • System of compilation of data
  • Analyse the record maintained
  • Determine the coverage
  • Appraise present status of compliance of law
  • Lease audit reviews and services
  • Comprehensive systems reviews