About STAICHA Consultancy:

STAICHA Consultancy has started operations in Afghanistan on 2006 after it was officially registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) on and with other respective authorities of the Afghanistan Government on 2008 and it is a private firm with 100% shares owned by Afghan partners. The company has been licensed to carry on the business of taxation and financial services.

We offer clients a wide range of corporate and ancillary services to meet their individual needs. STAICHA Consultancy provides clients in relation to financial services (accountant and inventory system, taxation matters and custom clearance) such as tax problem cases and clearance, providing legal services and consultancy in the banking and finance, corporate and commercial, litigation and arbitration sectors. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality legal advice and we have necessary infrastructure and expertise to deal with complicated issues of tax regime.

We have settled tax debt for few cents to a dollars and have saved our clients huge sum of money. STAICHA Consultancy is premeditated to facilitate clients with the most cost-effective business strategies within Afghanistan’s competitive and growing business environment. You can expect dependable tax advice, as well as a full range of tax clearance services.  We are experienced in dealing and getting the best possible results. We do not contract outside in order to maintain privacy. Our fees are very compatible with the market.

STAICHA Consultancy focus is to increase a client’s income by recovering previous years of over payments and to save your money by reducing future expenditures. Knowledge of specific tax issues allows for a focused review and quick results without disruption to your day to day operations. Although we are small firm catering to small and medium size business owners, we service a wide variety of clients in diverse industries.


Income tax is an annual tax levied by the Federal Government, most states and some local governments, on an individual’s or corporations’ net profit. In addition, obligatory government income tax is also charged on financial income generated by all entities within the jurisdiction of the government. Individuals and businesses are compulsory to file an income tax return every quarter and annually to substantiate whether they owe any taxes.


To provide impeccable professional services with diversified and interlinked set up keeping in mind cost effective & confidentiality aspects of the business & industry.



To be the most in demand consultancy services firm wherever we are. Our goal is to provide our clients with quality professional services in an independent, objective and ethical manner.



Persistently setting the target in tax issues services in order to provide our customers peace of mind and continually exceeding expectations. STAICHA is totally committed to continuous improvement and performance with zero accidents as our target. We manage, by providing services that are consistent with reliability, value-enhancement and cost-efficiency. We pride ourselves on being proactive and responsive to our clients’ inquiries and suggestions. We have necessary infrastructure and expertise to deal with complicated issues of tax regime.


  • Customer-oriented
  • Quality
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Speed
  • Innovation
  • Initiative
  • Teamwork
  • Competency, Leadership and Professionalism
  • Value for Money


STAICHA Pride of Association

  • Partner with Jobs.af
  • Cresco Solution



  • Professional Legal Advisor
  • Government representative, act for major corporations, banks, individuals, businesses, private and public institutions
  • Teams for knowledgeable handling of matters legal and technical issues
  • Well trained and specialized teams in handling financial and tax matters
  • Total strength experienced and qualified persons in groups
  • Core focus on Service financial problem , financial software, Audition ,Tax, Income Tax, Clearance Tax, Advice Tax and Sales Tax
  • Members are from diversified educational background such Accounting, Economic, Computer, Commerce and Law
  • Trade Mark Registration



  • We help clients to suit their needs, effectively maximizing benefits while minimizing the tax burden
  • We offer our clients the best solutions for their unique circumstances
  • We provide advice on financial services ,accounting software ,tax planning and tax related issues
  • Convert our knowledge into value
  • Engage a professional firm means you can be assured of our quality standard services
  • Reliable network system to expedite successful results and ensure client’s cost stays reasonable and competitive
  • Tax issues will be handled in a timely and cost-efficient manner
  • Integrity, professionalism and dedication in serving our clients
  • We make an implement financial planning for our clients as regards arrangement of funds from banks and other financial institutions including proposal writing and follow up
  • We liaise on behalf of our clients with different government ministries and departments such as Minister of Finance, Minister of Commerce & Industry, Minister of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior Affairs, AISA, Revenue Department, Customs and Commercial Court
  • We train fresh graduates students from various universities and institutes of Afghanistan for departments of accounting, finance, audit, procurement, marketing, administration and